Hello, my name is Joann and I would like to say that I’m one of a kind girl, in regards to me being a feminist – however, I am not. Why? Because the problems that have led to so many women being feminists affected a lot of us. And all of us are in such a way that we just can’t let such problems slip away as if they were nothing.

As soon as I learned to read I’ve been introduced to comic books – my mom used to have a lot of them spread throughout the house. I said used to because I have them now, and I read them again every time I have the chance.

I simply love comics – because in the world I lived in and in which we all still live, it is heart-warming to see one of our favorite heroines standing up for herself, showing great strength and power of will when it’s time for her to overcome one of the obstacles she is faced with.

Constantly reading them and enjoying their beautiful artwork has made me think of a world in which we’d be treated just like the comic book heroines. Nowadays, there are far too many problems we sometimes have to deal with – even some that make living difficult for some of us.

Of course, if I were to have the powers of a heroine, I wouldn’t start giving back to people some of the things they gave us – oppression, inequality and many other. No! I would instead teach them. Learn them what being like us is like, what made us take up a movement like feminism, and tell them how living is like for us.

But, there is something I learned in all the years of my life – sometimes, if not most of the times I do not need to look up to one of my favorite characters and wish I was as powerful as them. That’s because I actually am one of the many heroines that live on this earth and can make the world feel like it should.

I don’t have to hope that someone is going to come and save me from all of this – I can save myself and I have the power to change the bad things around me. Of course, I don’t need any superpowers to do so!

I need you – all of you that are just like me, to join me in my cause and build a community that’s focused around the values in which we believe the most. Together, we can turn into a Feminist Hulk – but not to Hulk Smash – and be as strong as we have to be to stop everything that’s trying to pin us down.