How I Stopped Procrastinating and Began to Write My Essay

One of a student’s main enemies is procrastination. Although it’s actually our own decision to be lazy most of the time, it’s a habit that’s hard to remove.

In reality, if you are a college student, being lazy is not an option. is tons of work to do compared to when you were in high school.Also, the projects and papers you have to submit are about more complex topics, especially with essays..

College-level essays usually range from 1500 words to 5000 words per paper. This is not an easy feat. Most of the time, you have to write an essay for more than one topic .

So, how can you stop procrastinating and actually write your essay?

How to Avoid Procrastinating

Below are some tips on how I stopped being lazy and so I couldI write my essay. This can be a difficult process at first,but if you’re willing to change, you can make this work to your advantage.

One thing you have to remember is writing will take dedication. This shouldn’t be a one-time event because you have an important paper to pass. To ease your way to the writing routine and avoid issues in the future, dedication should be constant.

With that said, here are some suggestions and pieces of advice that can help with your writing:

Set an Early Deadline for Yourself

One of the main reasons why we become lazy is because we think, “the deadline is still far from today.” We have this sort of mentality and we feel that we have all the time in the world. The truth is, even when two weeks seems like a long time, it’ll come quickly.

In adition , an essay isn’t easy to do. It will take more than just a night of working, so pace things for yourself so you don’t end up cramming.

Avoid procrastinating by giving yourself an earlier deadline. For example, if your essay is due in three weeks, your deadline should be set to a week earlier. This way, you have a few more days before the paper is actually finished for submission.

Train your mind to treat the deadline you set for yourself deadline as the real one. If not, you’ll be stuck in the same state of mind as before and end up still procrastinating.

Avoid Phones

As much as possible, avoid using your phone. You can either give it to your family or friends to keep for the meantime. You can also have someone you trust to change your password.

To maximize your work hours, try disabling some apps on your phone. There are some apps that can partially lock your phone. Choose the ones you’ll need and the ones you want to stop using for a while. You can also customize how long you need to lock your phone.

Work with Friends

As counterintuitive as it may seem, working with friends can pressure you to write. If they’re doing the same thing you are doing, it’ll be embarrassing not to follow suit.

Something else to consider is , working in the comfort of your home is more distracting. You have the TV, the internet, and your phone that can distract you. This is why it is can be more productive if you work with friends in a more public space such as the library.

Moreover, co-working makes it easy for you to ask questions. There’s no need to send a message through your phone. And remember,

Not having a phone means you don’t “accidentally” check your Facebook or Instagram.

Of course, be sure to choose to work with people who have the same goal as you. Hold each other accountable.

Typing is Better than Writing by Hand

By now, everybody is more likely to type their essays via their computers. But, if you are still one of those who choose to write things down by hand, why not try to directly type out your thoughts on your keyboard?. Young people today can type more words per minute compared to writing them down on paper.

That said, when you type, you’ll have more done in a short span of time . This also helps you edit your work faster. There are various online tools now that provide an in-depth grammar and spelling error check.

However, if your professor requires you to have your essay handwritten, don’t forgo the editing and proofreading process. Make sure to do all those things before transferring it as a final draft on paper. Start with the Body

Once you have your argument and thesis statement ready, it’s best to jump to the body. If you’ve ever written an essay before, you will know that the introduction is the hardest to write, so to save time and to get your thoughts right, you can start with the body. In addition, you also cannot write a good conclusion without the body of your essay.

Normally, the body of your essay contains facts to support your argument. If you have done your research well, you can easily fill this up.

Creating an outline can also help you create the content of your essay. You’ll know what topics to discuss and where best to put it.

Take a Much-needed Break

Do this only if you need to! You might have been writing for two or three hours straight. This can be mentally draining, and your writing will be weaker.

Taking a break for a few minutescan help refresh your brain. You can take a walk for five minutes or grab something to eat. The latter is vital since you need to fuel both your body and mind to function correctly.

A break can go a long way. But don’t take too long or you loose your momentum. It will be hard to get back to your active mental state.

Reward Yourself

Perhaps the best way to encourage yourself to finish that essay early is to reward yourself. You can buy yourself some new clothes, shoes, books, accessories, or even treat yourself to that restaurant you have been dying to tryonce you finish it. can even be as simple as finally being able to binge-watch your favorite show.

Give yourself something to look forward to. You’re exhausted and you did your best. So, you also deserve an award.

What if I can’t Work on My Essay?

Although essays are tough, finishing it early on is doable. But for some people incertain circumstances, essay writing calls for the best essay writing service that are done by professional academic writers.

They will write your paper for you in exchange for a specific rate. Charges depend on the type of paper, level, length, and when you need it. Editing is also available upon request but will add to the price.

But even if these services exist, try to write your paper. Don’t just get their services because you are lazy to do yours.

The best essays are still written by you.At the end of the day, you’ll feel a lot more satisfied with the results when you’ve done it yourself.

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