Seven Reasons Why It’s Important to Bring More Women Into the Tech Industry

It is the 21st century, but there is still fewer women representation in traditionally male-dominated fields and even in the technology industry. There is a need for women to take up the roles available in technology and to know that they are part and parcel of the success of this new generation by offering innovative solutions to complex problems.

Women are leaders and innovators. They, however, have grown to be told that their role is minor and their only place is the kitchen. This has significantly reduced the self-esteem and confidence of so many women, and that is why there is still much more effort to be done before more women rise in the tech industry and other sectors too.

Broader perspectives

Women view things differently. In order to have a broader range of ideas and opinions, the tech industry should consider employing and selecting more women. Diversity in teams is proven to bring in more new concepts and ideas than homogenous groups. It is high time that the tech industry considers the role of women in the tech industry and their contribution.

Promotion of inclusivity

When women are included in all angles of life, they feel that they are meaningful change makers, and the world does not isolate them. In the tech industry, inclusivity will eventually promote a conducive working environment and facilitate long-term staff retention.

Creation of better problem-solving techniques

Involving women in the tech industry can lead to more solutions coming on board. Diverse teams can bring in innovation and analyze concepts that are new, unique and unheard of before. Innovative solutions can be what we need for some of the societal issues that we are facing today.


Working in the tech industry can allow women who are naturally multi-taskers to have time to tend to their other obligations. The tech industry offers more flexible hours than other industries which translates to a good work-life balance. This is something that every woman would need to be a better mother, wife and a team player in an organization.

Tech jobs are lucrative.

The tech industry is one that is improved every single day, and there are usually new ideas, concepts, and techniques that are provided for better solutions. They are not only lucrative but also fascinating. Women can be able to have fun, do their work with passion and get the fulfillment that they desire.

Tech industry has a room for what women love.

Women have always been primarily in the education and healthcare sector. Right now, even in these two industries that they are passionate about, digitalization is happening, and a lot of things are changing to meet with the world’s demands and advancements.

Women should take up these roles especially since they fall under their traditionally female-dominated fields. There is a lot that needs to be done in the healthcare and education sector and a lot more in even other industries that women have passion or ambition.

A source of inspiration

If women take up roles in the tech industry, a whole new generation of young people and girls will be inspired to follow their leads. Women need to go out there to let the young girls know that there are no specific jobs for men or women. There is something for everyone that aligns with your passion and drive. The sky is not even the limit, but it is just the view.


In conclusion, the whole world should stand up and support the women so that they can be able to spread their wings and diversify. More awareness needs to be created about their roles in the world and how their input is required for change and transformation to prevail.

Women have always excelled in whatever journey they set their heart to do. They are determined, they are multi-taskers, they are risk takers, it is just the world convinced them otherwise. It is high time that women stand up and change the wrong narrative that people have created about women’s role in the development of the world.


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