Domestic Violence as Portrayed in the Documentary “Every F*cking Day of My Life.”

“Every F*cking Day of My Life” is a powerful yet one of the most frightening documentaries I have ever watched. Throughout out the documentary, a recurring theme of installation and helplessness and the cruelty of domestic violence is evident.

After enduring a 20 year period of physical, sexual and mental torture in the hands of a sadistic serial abuser, Wendy Maldonado snapped. With the help of her 16-year-old son Randy murdered Aaron Maldonado, they smashed Aaron Maldonado’s skull using a hammer and a hatchet. Though unfortunate, traumatic and undoubtedly tragic, Wendy’s act seems to result from some impulsive instinct that forced her to act on the constant abuse.

Both Wendy and Randy may have acted to protect themselves and the family from Aaron’s torture and may have saved the other siblings, but the rule of law is against them. To the eyes of the law, they are guilty of homicide regardless of the victim’s actions. Clearly, Wendy seemed to have been suffering from Battered Woman Syndrome and acted in self-defense to eliminate her husband.

Years of injury, from knocked teeth, concussions, police visits, and punch holes through the walls is enough sight to feel her pain from a neutral point of view. Even as the Judge sympathized with her situation, the rule of law required that she serves ten years in prison, while her son’s delinquencies attracted six years.

Domestic violence is a problem affecting many married couples with the women the usual recipients of the violence. It is a sad fact that, like Wendy, these women are trapped in these abusive relationships and have to live each day in constant torture. To protect their children and their families, most women stay in these marriages; sometimes threatening to leave may be a death sentence. The law needs to react to the physical and psychological ugliness that burden such women, and do more than giving hotlines to help such women in abusive relationships. As a matter of fact, no one deserves living through this kind of intolerable pain.

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